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Life Science

The scientific study of all things living – even one-celled organisms.

Live Bear Cams

Here are some bear live cams for you to enjoy. Occasionally they will interrupt the live stream with “highlights.”

Panda – Wolong Grove, Gengda Wolong Panda Center in China

Polar Bears – Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands

Brown Bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska

More Brown Bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska

Polar Bears in Churchill Cape South, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada

Live Bird Cams

Here are some live bird cams I have found….




Barred Owls

More Eagles

Great Gray Owl

Great Horned Owl

Long Eared Owl

Cornell Lab (a bird research organization) Bird Feeders

Red-Tailed Hawks

Lance-Tailed Manakins


Great Heron

Rosie Hummingbird’s Nest

Bella Hummingbird’s Nest

Hummingbird Fountain Camera


Different birds flap their wings at different rates….here is a chart. Try it! We will use a time to count of 10 seconds. See if you can flap your wings like these birds. What is the fastest you can flap?

Bird Wingbeat ever 10 Seconds
Crow 20
Robin 23
Pigeon 30
Starling 45
Chickadee 270
Hummingbird 700


Bones inside a human arm compared to a bird’s wing.

Here are some videos of birds flying…we will just watch a few minutes of each…not the whole thing.

The first video is showing a group of people flying with some Canadian geese.

Here is a video of a TRAINED eagle (doesn’t live in the wild) that they release from the tallest building and could find its trainer!

(short version….there is a longer, 5 minute version here)

What did you notice about the eagle’s flight?

In the hummingbird video, there are a few special effects that aren’t real in the beginning. Watch for the hummingbird’s tongue in a few places. You will see different types of hummingbirds. Pay special attention to the slow motion part of moving their wings!

The Wandering Albatross is the bird with the largest wingspan. Imagine a bird that can stretch is wings about the same width as our carpet!

The Andean Condor is considered the largest flying bird – heaviest, largest body that can still get itself in the air.


We will also make a “flip” book of a bird flying.

  1. Each picture is the same bird, just with its wings in a different position. Color each of the pictures with the same parts the same color.
  2. Cut out each box on the lines.
  3. Glue each box/bird picture on a card in the corner.
  4. The teacher will staple them together.

(For Kinder….just do the coloring the first day.)

See the LIVE BIRD CAM page!



Birds Eating

We experimented with different “bird beaks” in the Science Lab. Here are some videos:




What about birds feeding their babies?