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Mrs. Allard’s Weather Station

Mixtures & Solutions

5th grade learns about the periodic table and the beginning concepts of chemistry. Expands on 1st and 3rd grade.

Chemical Reactions

Here is a copy of the blank sheet from our powder experiments:

click here


Here are some links to explore about chemical reactions, mixtures, and solutions. Explore and be able to TALK ABOUT what you learned.

NON chemical reaction/chemistry sites to explore:

Investigating the Periodic Table

Today, while in the computer lab, you have a mission. We are going to investigate the periodic table and elements online. Below is a list of sites that will help you on the journey. There are also Chemistry links on the links page…some might be the same as below. I will be updating these as you explore, so you might want to refresh. Be able to tell me 3 things that you learned about Chemistry, the Periodic Table, or Elements at the end of your exploration. Next week, we will be back in the science lab.

Explore These First:


Explore These Second: