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Science Skills

Basic science and observation skills

Measuring Rocks

Here are the tools we use tor measuring.In the science lab, we have many tools that we use, and here are some of the tools that students will be practicing with:

  • balance scales
  • measuring tapes
  • “centicubes” (gram blocks)
  • items to measure – in this case, rocks

Students need to practice these skills:

  • to only put ONE rock on one side of the balance scales
  • when to stop adding more gram blocks
  • when to take off extra gram blocks
  • to count – and some of the rocks are over 50 grams, so this can be tricky for some of our youngest students
  • to recognize balance
  • the end of the measuring tape is zero – even if there is no zero shown
  • to make sure the rock (or object) is at the zero to start
  • to know length, width, and around
  • to record their measurements (with kinder, we first start with just practicing how to measure)

2015-11-17 10.02.11 2015-11-17 10.01.31

Here are a couple interactive websites or online games: