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9725025-earth-illustration (1)Registration Instructions

  1. Hover on “Site Membership” on the left.
  2. When the menu scrolls down, click on Parent Registration (or student registration if you are a student).
  3. Fill out the information and click on register.
  4. You should receive some automatic confirmation email that you registered.

If you are having any problems registering or logging in, please use the contact form from this site (menu on the left) or email me at

Previously I had set up registration so that I had to activate your account. Because I couldn’t do that from my phone, I set it up so that it would send an activation email that needed to be clicked on before your account was active. I have now set it up to auto-approve, so, hopefully, you can log in as soon as you register.


This website is used primarily for teaching science at Vista Grande Elementary in San Diego.

If you are looking for the latest classroom information, go to the News tab above. You can also browse by topics, and soon by grade level.

Here you will find posts for both parents, students, or interested members of the public focused on science and the teaching of enrichment science at Vista Grande. I am hoping to use this site more frequently to share information or updates on what is happening in the Science Lab. The website used to have a plethora of science links, but some of them were lost in the transition from an old site to this one. I am working on rebuilding the Link Library.

All of the posts or articles that I may have mentioned in class will most likely show up on news tab above. You can also click on topic buttons on the left to take you to certain types of information (like astronomy, etc). All posts are listed on the “Posts List” page.


I have discontinued the use of Class123 on an individual basis. I do, however, give class points (“golden eggs”). Students will be given a code so they can create an account, go in and change their avatar. No individual points are displayed for the class. I used the avatars for seating and choosing students randomly.

If you lost your paper with the access code, please email me at (At the beginning of the year, the class has to earn 20 points first before I print them out.)

Link Library Submissions

Do you know of a great science website that is kid-friendly? Help build our link library by adding the website to our list! How?

  1. Click on the here or hover over the link tab above and click on the Link Submission menu item.
  2. Type in the name of the website or link.
  3. Copy the URL address from the address bar at the top of your browser.
  4. Paste the address in the “Link address” box.
  5. Choose which category it fits in best.
  6. Enter your name.
  7. You can send me a comment if you want to tell me something about the link.
  8. Answer the question at the bottom correctly. This is to help keep the site safe and stop “robots” from sending me fake links. (The answer is Earth!)

If you find a link that does not work, please use the contact form to let me know so I can either fix the problem or delete the link. The contact form can be found by pressing “CONTACT” on the left.