Physical Science

In elementary school, physical science includes both physics and chemistry. Topics include force and motion, matter, color, light, and chemistry.

Sound Effects of a Rainstorm

We listened to sounds of videos, but didn’t watch the video. We listened to the sounds of a rainstorm, and then tried to reproduce the sound effects for a rainstorm using our hands and feet. We also used other tools like pie pans, cups of beans, rulers, cups, containers, etc.

Here are some videos from YouTube that we listened to plus some extras:



Chemical Reactions

Here is a copy of the blank sheet from our powder experiments:

click here


Here are some links to explore about chemical reactions, mixtures, and solutions. Explore and be able to TALK ABOUT what you learned.

NON chemical reaction/chemistry sites to explore:

Investigating the Periodic Table

Today, while in the computer lab, you have a mission. We are going to investigate the periodic table and elements online. Below is a list of sites that will help you on the journey. There are also Chemistry links on the links page…some might be the same as below. I will be updating these as you explore, so you might want to refresh. Be able to tell me 3 things that you learned about Chemistry, the Periodic Table, or Elements at the end of your exploration. Next week, we will be back in the science lab.

Explore These First:


Explore These Second: